Saturday, November 24, 2007


I've just finished writing a poem this word, and if I have to, will publish it my self, its a word many want to put to rest, but others use freely, if I could find an agent, I'd be able to address history and these matters more freely, openly and honestly.

Agents, are you out there??????????????

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


OK, I have more then 15 completed manuscripts, they need an agent, does anyone known any that are of any value???????????

list there names

Any one who has come across anyone of the hundreds of agent who do nothing but want money, start listing them by name on this blog so that no one else will have to waste their time, money and energy on these creeps.

Is there life out there in the land of agents

This is nuts, who reads these, anyone, is there anyone out there, my email is I've sent out about 500 emails and letters to these so called agents who want so much, demand more and give nothing, such a waste of time, technology is going to waste of these self styled low life's, first they lead you on, they bring you in for the kill and then ask for money, one must wonder how many really god authors have gone unknown due to this bunch, please, someone, any one, tell me there is at least one good agent and one that is taking need authors. Why do these guys place ads if they don't want submissions???????

Sunday, November 11, 2007


Please, some tell me there are honest agents out there and if possible, how to contact one, I have never met a more dishonest group in all my life. For more then a year now I have been addressing letters to agents, introductions, sending a chapter and all I find are creeps who want more then $1,000 - $200.00 up front, what a waste of time and money. Most of my manuscripts have been edited or reviewed by editors, I know the work is good and market able its finding that one honest agent, and there is where the problem rests, honest, to take on the work. Seems strange that these dishonest lot have so much power, talk about raping the business.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Scream 2

Yes, I have found agents for my book, but, they are all nuts, want money, don't appear to have any connections at all, have never published a book and are just out to steal your money, just the type we all find.

SO, are there any REAL Agents out there??????


Oh heavens I just met the strangest Agent in the world, not only did he demand money up front but he was rude, strange and needed a ride to the bus stop.